The Casual “About Me”

I’m a forty-two-year-old man, inhabiting what I suspect to be a modicum of a midlife crisis.  I haven’t dyed my hair yet.  Then again, I don’t have much hair to dye.  At any rate, my search history doesn’t reflect any desire for toupees.  Not because I can’t pull it off, but because I’m perfectly comfortable with my baldness.

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Not bad, right?

I have yet to come home on any particular day with a Harley; all dressed in leather.  No affairs.  No girlfriends half my age.  I seem to be avoiding all the clichés with no effort at all.  And it’s not like I’m sweating bullets; repeating an internal screaming mantra like ‘You will NOT buy that Harley.  You will NOT buy that Harley.’ Perhaps calling this a midlife crisis is a disservice to those experiencing a true crisis.  Probably better to call it my midlife transition or scenario.  Yes, that will do.

My true reality is that I am extremely bored.  Although I have reached most of my career goals; that part of my world seems stagnant.  I love my job; it doesn’t feel like work.  However, it’s not much of a challenge anymore. I won’t expand on the topic here, since my intention is to show a more lighthearted side.  However, you can read a more serious look at my midlife scenario in my post “A Midlife Crisis: Part 1(Hamster Wheel).”

Purpose of this Blog

This blog, more than anything, keeps me occupied.  I’m enjoying it too.  I like sharing my thoughts, opinions, and feelings; all that stuff floating around in my head.  It’s keeping me out of trouble.  I won’t presume to believe that my ideas are better than others.  I hate all that comparison crap anyways, which you would know if you read my series of posts called “The Comparison Game.”

If I may harken back to the first sentence, please allow me a semblance of satisfaction; I used the word modicum.  I don’t think I have ever written or spoken that word; although, I have likely heard it used by others. While I love a good thesaurus check as much as anyone, this came to me with little thought while writing in this casual style.  Which brings me to my final reason for this blog; I want to be a better writer.  I marvel at anyone who can express their thoughts, feelings, ideas, wit, and complexities while weaving them all together in a coherent tapestry.