The Bachelor: The Journey Begins Again

Colton Underwood begins his “journey” to find love on the 23rd season of The Bachelor Monday night on ABC.  I can hardly wait.  Like most married men, I hide my Bachelor addiction through blaming my wife.  You have heard the explanations numerous times from numerous men; “oh, my wife likes to watch it.” “I wouldn’t watch it… but you know… my wife.”

So, you can’t get up and go watch TV in another room? Watch a show on your tablet? Do something on your computer? Go for a walk?  Men make it sound like we are forced to watch The Bachelor and its derivative franchises at gun point.  But the truth is that we love it. 

We Love to Judge

And we love it for the same reason most people love the show; Judgement, judgement, judgment.  I know it’s unbecoming, but it just feels so good to judge; judging The Bachelor and all the contestants.  I mean… it really feels good.  She is strange.  She’s shy but I kind of like her.  I think he likes her.  She’s the crazy one.  She’s the bitch.  I don’t trust her.  She’s not there for the “right reasons.”  (Side bar people…. None of them are there for whatever those supposed “right reasons”).  She’s cute.  I hate that dress.  I love her hair.  He’s so cute.  What a gentleman.  The same sort of thing happens in reverse on The Bachelorette of course, and it’s just as much fun.  And it’s truly wonderful; bringing people together all over the country; my wife and I bonding through tearing other people apart through our agreed upon poisonous judgements.  It’s wonderful. 

‘I can’t believe he gave her the first impression rose.  She is so screwed!’

This post examines love in western culture through the prism of The Bachelor’s Unintentional Brilliance.