Start Living Today – Review

Start Living Today by Vanessa C. Dias of The Wellbeing Blogger is a workbook designed for people who may not be ready to receive help from a professional psychologist or coach, but still wish to make substantive changes in their lives.  It is subtitled, Designed for Real People by a Real Person; evidenced by the author using the workbook herself in order to traverse challenges in her own life.  Being a practitioner, as well as a creator, not only lends credibility to the workbook’s effectiveness, but also offers assurance that the book was created from real-world experience and practice; rather than just an intellectual process. 

What Areas of Life are Important to You?

It is effectively organized with a friendly design; allowing participants to progress through the workbook without feeling intimidated by the process.  First, users are asked to identify the areas of life that are important to them; for example, family, friends, career, and exercise just to name a few.  In addition, the author is very clear to indicate that this life is yours and that you are free to choose whatever is important to you.  Next, participants are asked to reflect and assess these areas by answering specific questions that are designed to inspire effective introspection and clarity. 

Imagine and Feel Your Future

In my experience using the workbook over the past week, I found the next two steps of the process to be powerful, with the potential to be transformational.  Users are asked to envision what they want these areas of their life to look like in three years before finally describing that life as if it were happening in the present moment.  Lastly, participants are asked to reflect on how they would make this future a reality.  In my experience with the workbook, I found that imagining a future event allowed me to connect and experience the emotions of that future in the present; creating a space to allow that future to become a reality by transforming my present emotional world into a state of gratitude and receivership. 

Without that emotional transformation, I would have been more likely to interact with my surroundings in the same old ways; making it more likely that today would be the same as yesterday.  However, connecting with the emotions of the future that I desired changed my present; creating a new version of myself that precipitated new and different interactions with my environment; making today different from yesterday. 

In the end, I highly recommend the workbook, Start Living Today by Vanessa C. Dias. It offers an approachable avenue for people interested in manifesting substantive changes in their life; through a process that allows them to connect in the present, both emotionally and behaviorally, to their desired future.