Self-Compassion. Mindfulness. Meditation


It’s time to shine the illuminating light of awareness on ourselves and become conscious of our thoughts and the emotions derived from them. With every thought; neurons fire; chemicals are released into the body which result in accompanying emotions. Suddenly, we can feel sad, anxious, or depressed while being unaware of how we arrived at that state of feeling.

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Midlife Crisis. Mind and Love. Mental Health

Setting Goals at Midlife

I still feel disconnected from it at times; a yearning for outer achievements over inner growth; to accomplish the outwardly tangible that can add another ledger line on my resume; a desire to relive modes of being that worked in the past. There is a friction between the imprinted familiarity of my past and an inner calling to graduate to a new way of living and no longer be the hamster on the wheel, living by the memorized thoughts and emotions of the past.

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