Love and Acceptance

The Poison of Judgement

I wonder if we understand the true impact of the word “normal” on mental health.  It creates a personality construct; placing inherent pressure on each individual to live within its walls.  However, worse than living within the prison of normalcy is the anxiety and self judgement that stems from pretending to be the caricature; as we expend copious emotional energy to appear a certain way and bury the assumed abnormal within us.  None the less, we choose our dwelling out of an understandable fear of rejection and judgement.

Be You and Stop Trying to be Normal

If we choose to step outside the veneer of normal, we don’t need to rush blindly into the dark.  We can experiment by stepping a toe outside to gauge the response., as we might be surprised by the reaction and be encouraged to reveal more.  However, we all know that outside awaits either rejection and judgement, or love and acceptance from those that inhabit our world. 

We must say goodbye to those who judge and embrace those who accept.  While letting go of close relationships can be immensely painful and difficult, we might just be surprised at the love and acceptance beyond the walls.  For love and acceptance pours from the spring that we all must drink; binding everyone and offering hope to all who yearn to show themselves. 

If one also believes in the universality of abnormality; then through rejection, a person denies their own opportunity at vulnerability and self-revealment; propagating the walls of fear in their own home over their own presumed differences.