Losing our Connection to Gratitude

Thinking Gratitude

We utter the common expression “thank you” numerous times every day.  However, I suspect we rarely feel the unabashed gratitude tied to the meaning of the phrase.  Certainly, we feel a semblance of gratefulness from time to time, but rarely to the elevated extremes of what is possible.  Our experiences with thankfulness have probably been mostly perfunctory; a passing word; a token offered with minimal emotion attached; evidence that we were raised properly and learned the unwritten rules of polite interactions.

Gratitude is the Opposite of Dissatisfaction

On a parallel track, perhaps we have been nagged by the persistent desire for more; a dissatisfaction tied to a lack of gratitude; focusing on what could be, instead of what is.  Our wants and desires can’t be separated from satisfaction; they are mutually exclusive; their simultaneous existence incongruent.  In other words, our time is spent wanting instead of appreciating.  We work toward and modify the means to achieve particular ends instead of feeling content and even grateful for everything that is present.

Gratitude can Transform

Therefore, if dissatisfaction is tied to a lack of feeling gratitude, it’s reasonable to suspect that we can transform our state of being to contentment, satisfaction, and even euphoria by fostering the love, goodwill, wisdom, and peace that stem from amplifying the feeling of thankfulness.  The more we can connect to and magnify the emotion within ourselves, the greater the transformation in our mood, personalities, and quality of life.  

The question is; how?  How can we develop and intensify the emotion of gratitude; to feel thankful instead of “thinking” thankful?   Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.